Belgium Tour Update

The ‘South Quartet’ returned from its tour in Belgium yesterday.
Again it has been a fantastic experience. We met so many nice people – both in the audience and also the people who organized the concerts.
It’s like in Germany: a lot of helping hands. People who spend their free time for their big passion: JAZZ MUSIC
We sold a lot of CDs and had great feedback…and it’s always fun to be on tour with the guys – blind trust on stage and lots of good moments when we hang out together.
The concerts took place at locations which we already knew but also some really nice new venues have been added to our trip.
Thanx to everybody !

Thanx also to Erwin Van Rillaer.
You can get a little proof of his work here:


photo_Ull Möck photo_Matthias Daneck photo_Jan Dittmann photo_Peer Baierlein

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