Nice concerts in the North

A little ‘hello’ from our tour in Northern Germany.

Despite all the difficulties that had to be overcome in the run-up to this tour, we started our concert series almost in time on Wednesday – after a 12-hour drive – at the beautiful ‘Werkgut‘ in Meezen. Mikaela Dörfel has really become a friend. She and her team gave us a very warm welcome and we had a really nice first concert with incredibly nice people. As a result, everything that had happened beforehand was quickly forgotten.
On Thursday we played at the CVJM in Lübeck and yesterday we went to ‘Wilhelm 13′ in Oldenburg.

Even if the jazz community remains very manageable, each concert is a special experience in its own way and many memories remain. It has also some advantages that it’s a small community, because you get to know very cordial and interesting people almost everywhere and every now and then you even make contacts that remain even after the performances.

If you feel like it, you can see us live one last time at the Marstall in Ahrensburg tonight before Matthias and Jan head back towards southern Germany tomorrow.


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