Back from Luxembourg

Hey there,
we just came back from a tour in the west of Germany and in Luxembourg.
What can I say?
Many things turned out so much better than we expected and we really had a very good time.
We met many nice people, both in the audience and also the guys who organized the concerts. Taking into consideration that it’s nearly impossbile to have a porfessional jazz-club nowadays, it’s amazing how many jazz-lovers spend all their free-time in running places where jazz musicians can still perform. Thanx so much to all of these people !
Matthias has been on a tour with Ute Lemper, so this time the drummer Julian Losigkeit joined our quartet.
The picture shows 3 of us in front of the ‘Porta Nigra’ in Trier.
Jan prefered to study his bass the whole day long – yeah man ! That’s real devotion 🙂


One response to “Back from Luxembourg

  1. Danke auch für den Auftritt im “Jazzclub” Bitburg.
    Abenteuerliche Akustik, aber mir hat es sehr gut gefallen und Spaß gemacht.
    Ich freue mich aufs nächste Mal.

    Viele Grüße

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